—— Where excellence is a habit ——
We are the new kids on the block. For years we saw Audio Recording & Engineering being taught as an oh-its-so-serious-you-can’t-even-smile discipline. And if you don’t know your Physics or Mathematics it might be out of your reach too.

And yet this need not be so. Learning audio is so much fun. It is one of the most creative of disciplines. Its applications are wide-ranging. Not surprisingly therefore, career prospects are very, very bright.

Sound engineers today are in great demand in every part of the Media & Entertainment industry – TV channels, Radio stations, Music studios, Production Houses, Graphics & Animation industry, Multimedia & the World Wide Web...

Physics and Mathematics have their uses. But they do not guarantee that you will become the next killer engineer. For that you will need a good pair of ears & a passion for all things Sound.

Sound Academy was born to spread this message.

In Sound Academy, that is all we ask from you. If you have what it takes to qualify, give us a call.